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Undecided? HU’s Got You.

Huntington University offers over 70 academic pathways for students to embark on. With so many options, incoming students may feel outside pressure to choose a major without actually wanting to pursue a career in that field. Entering HU as an undecided major can feel scary, but don’t be afraid to enter HU undecided!
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Living Out Your Faith at HU

If you asked me four years ago if I thought going to a Christian university would push me to become stronger in my faith, I would have told you the choice was too safe. I had so many doubts, but this one was the loudest: If I was surrounded by like-minded people and consistent messages of faith, would I be prepared to live in the “real world” when I graduated?
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More Than Marketing

The Spirit of a Forester language clarifies who we are and guides who we become. Like the creeds of our Christian tradition, the Spirit of a Forester was our very intentional effort to define what we believe. Our creed has a direct impact on our everyday operations in a way that goes beyond the foundational purpose of our mission statement, beyond any marketing campaign.
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What’s Important: Campus Involvement and Extracurricular Activities

If campus involvement opportunities and access to extracurricular activities are at the top of your list, you will want to approach the college admissions process with an understanding of what you are already interested in. What would you like to continue doing in college?
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What’s Important: Spiritual Atmosphere

The right place for you will align with your core beliefs and provide an environment that will encourage you to grow in your faith. Both doctrine and a personal sense of connection are going to be important.
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What’s Important: Major and Academics

Even if you aren’t sure what major you will choose, finding a school with the right academic culture can be one of your top priorities. In a school with a healthy academic culture, you will be set up for success regardless of the major you choose.
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What’s Important: University Reputation

Your relationship with your alma mater has the potential to be an ongoing relationship that lasts the rest of your life. As you would in other potentially lifelong relationships, you want to determine your compatibility with the schools you are considering.
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What’s Important: Geographic Location & Grounds

When geographic location is one of your top priorities, you are likely going to pick a school based on where it is situated. How close (or far) do you want to be from home? Will you do your best work in the heart of a bustling city or in the close-knit community of a college town?
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What’s Important: Value

When value and cost are your priorities for your college experience, you want to see the numbers. You want to know: What is the investment — of time, of finances, and of energy — that you will need to make to complete your education? You want to hear the stories of what alumni have done before you.
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What’s Important: Community & Interconnectedness

When community and interconnectedness are your top priorities, you want to find a university that has the right feel. People who value community and interconnectedness often come away from a campus visit saying something like, “When I stepped on campus, I just knew this was the place for me.”