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What’s Important: Value

When value and cost are your priorities for your college experience, you want to see the numbers. You want to know: What is the investment — of time, of finances, and of energy — that you will need to make to complete your education? You want to hear the stories of what alumni have done before you.
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College Search Tips for Families

We asked parents who have already been through the college selection process with their high school seniors for tips about the college search process. Here is what they told us.
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Financial Aid Tricks and Treats

It is the end of October, and I am excited to begin celebrating with harvest parties, treats wrapped in orange cellophane, and my favorite part of the season — tricks on unsuspecting friends. But today I am here to deliver to you the best sort of tricks; tricks that help you to succeed as you prepare for an exciting future and begin navigating your next steps in your education journey!
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Let’s Get Ready to FAFSA!

Although most of the Midwest considers October the perfect time of year to bring out the cozy sweaters, wool blankets, flannel shirts, and pumpkin spice, the Office of Financial Aid knows this wonderful month as FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) time! The FAFSA officially opened October 1, 2023, for the 2023-2024 academic year! What are some of the reasons to apply for the FAFSA early? So glad you asked. Here are the top five reasons to take care of business before the last leaf falls this autumn:
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529 Plans: The Unsung Heroes of Financial Aid

There is a slight crispness to the evening air, the local goose population is shrinking by the day as they head south, and from my office I can hear students excitedly hurrying up and down the stairs on their way to class — another semester is officially in full swing!