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What Can You Do with a Degree in OT?

The better question is…what can’t you do? Let’s talk about all the amazing areas you can work in and cool things you can do with a degree in occupational therapy.
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Experts + Experience = Exceptional Education

Learning to become an occupational therapy practitioner is a process, and experts and experience are your best guides in the process. A Doctoral Program in Occupational Therapy (OTD program) is ready to prepare you for a rewarding occupational therapy (OT) career.
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Returning Home to Lay the Groundwork for a Dementia Friendly Community

Recently, an occupational therapy doctoral student lived her dream to return to her home community and give back to those who provided her with support. Her goal was to lay the foundation for an inclusive community for individuals with dementia and their caregivers. Abigail Saxman Muhlenkamp worked for fourteen weeks to successfully complete educational requirements for her doctoral capstone.
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Building Upon a Creative Foundation: Occupational Therapy and 3D Printing

There are many distinctive and impactful possibilities an occupational therapy practitioner (OT) or OT student might consider for 3D printing projects. Whether in a clinical or academic setting, groundbreaking designs and modifications can benefit the clients we serve while cutting costs of expensive devices or medical equipment. Occupational therapy academic programs may consider a unique collaborative opportunity with clinical site partners to provide various types of adaptive equipment occupational therapists can supply to their clients.
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4 Ways to Use Your OTD Degree Outside of the Clinic

The main priority for most OT students is working in some type of clinical setting to help people recover the ability to live their lives and do the things that are most meaningful to them. Whether it is helping a child develop handwriting skills, teaching an older adult to walk again after a stroke, or restoring use of the hands after a traumatic injury, OTs are experts at promoting function in a clinical setting. However, earning your Doctor of Occupational Therapy degree (OTD) also creates many other opportunities. Here are just a few ways you might use your degree outside of traditional clinical practice:
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Opportunities for OTD Students Interested in Working with Older Adults

National initiatives aimed at reducing healthcare expenditures place emphasis on community programs to maintain health and prevent injuries among older adults. Occupational therapists possess the skills and training to address the needs of older adults and should be at the forefront of such programs. Community program development is an excellent capstone opportunity for OTD students and a great way to provide health and wellness opportunities for older adults.
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Questions to Ask Your Potential OTA Program

As you narrow down your list of potential occupational therapy assistant (OTA) programs, be sure to take advantage of opportunities to talk to program faculty, students, and alumni. While a webpage or brochure can give you lots of great program details, there’s nothing quite like getting the an inside perspective directly from the source.
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Tips for Your Occupational Therapy Application Journey

Beginning the application process can be daunting. The best overall strategy is to navigate the process one step at a time.
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Hacking Your OTD

Time management is a constant discussion across occupational therapy education. Occupational therapy doctoral programs require graduate students to juggle intensive courses, research initiatives, doctoral capstone projects and experiences, and extracurricular activities at the university, state, and national organization levels. The generic responses addressing time management are overused. How can we actively change our habits, roles, and routines to improve this critical skill?
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HU OTD Grad Reflects on Path to Mayo Clinic

Huntington University Doctorate in Occupational Therapy Class of 2021 graduate Emily Rinaldi reflects on her time at HU and how it helped prepare her for fieldwork after graduation. For more information about Huntington University’s OTD program, visit