Degree Information

Graduation Requirements

Baccalaureate degrees offered by the University are awarded upon completion of the appropriate curriculum and upon recommendation of the faculty. Students in the ABSN program must complete the following to be eligible for graduation and receive their bachelor of science in nursing degree:

  • Earn 56 credit hours with a grade point average of 2.75 or higher
  • Make satisfactory settlement of all financial obligations with the institution before graduation
  • Submit an application for graduation form
  • Attend the commencement exercises for the conferral of the degree

Designation of Honors

Dean’s List

Dean’s List honors designation is made at the end of each semester to those students who are classified as regular ABSN students and have been enrolled full time with a load of 12 hours or more in graded courses with a semester GPA of at least 3.50.

Graduation Honors

ABSN students who have completed all requirements with a cumulative GPA of at least 3.7 on the date of graduation will receive an honor cord. Students who participate in graduation ceremonies as summer graduates and whose current grade point averages exceed the requirements for graduation honors will receive and be able to wear the honor cord for the graduation ceremony. Honors will be listed in the graduation bulletin with the designation "Honors anticipated upon completion of requirements."