Missions, Goals, Objectives


The Huntington University Online Programs are committed to providing adult learners with an opportunity to earn an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in a learning environment that emphasizes Christian values and ethical standards through a curriculum designed to reflect both theoretical training and real-world experience.


Upon completion of the Online Programs, the graduate should be able to:

  • Apply learning experiences to professional and other situations.
  • Demonstrate habits of honest, clear, constructive, critical thought and a command of standard oral and written English.
  • Evidence a lifestyle of moral and spiritual integrity.
  • Compete in the job market for positions in keeping with the student’s major course of study.
  • Incorporate ongoing learning strategies toward the fulfillment of the student’s life goals.

Online Programs Objectives:

  • Educate adult students in an environment that integrates a Christian worldview with management theory and application in their chosen field of study
  • Provide educational opportunities that equip adults for success in their careers
  • Offer courses and schedules designed to address adult learning needs and styles and have application to the workplace
  • Employ friendly, competent faculty and staff who will actively assist students in the pursuit of their educational goals
  • Foster a culture of the importance of life-long learning


The vision of the Online Programs is to provide adult-friendly, relevant, college-level education from a Christian worldview, leading to degrees and/or certification, which will make possible a better quality of living.

Core Values

Student Learning:  We are focused on providing an education that emphasizes student learning. This emphasis affects the pedagogy in the classroom and the selection and development of faculty.

Student Support:  We believe that a student’s success is the goal which gives our jobs meaning. Our calling at Huntington University is to multiply ourselves through our students’ impact upon the world once they graduate. Therefore, we treat each student as an individual called by God to be part of our lives while they are here and part of our heritage to the world.

Integrity:  We only promise what we can deliver, and we deliver what we promise to the highest standards possible. We attempt to treat each other and the faculty and students with honesty and integrity. Our goal is to live our lives and do our jobs above reproach and model holiness and righteousness in all our dealings.


Overall Distinctives

  • Immediately apply what is learned to a student’s current position so that the student may be more effective in his or her work
  • Learn from faculty who are known for their academic achievements, real-life experience and skills in teaching, resulting in a high-quality education
  • Convert significant life-learning experiences to college credit in order to accelerate learning experience
  • Interact with other professionals, providing a resource network
  • Acquire a quality education, having confidence that a Christian worldview is part of each course

Online Distinctives

  • Online courses are flexible and convenient. Students work through lessons and lectures at times of their own choosing.
  • Online courses make it possible for students to access a Huntington University education from anywhere technology reaches.
  • Take classes with a small group of students throughout the program, benefitting from mutual support and encouragement