Registration and Attendance

Registration and Advising

Registration for graduate students is open until two weeks prior to the first meeting day for a class. Graduate students in the OTD Program are automatically registered with their cohort.

Although faculty and staff advisors attempt to provide the best available information, the students are ultimately responsible for course selection and construction of their program. It is the students’ responsibility to see that program requirements are met and that the courses for the intended area of concentration are taken in proper sequence.​

Class Attendance

Students are expected to attend all class sessions. Students should not absent themselves from class without clearance from their respective professors. Work missed by late entrance or absence must be completed to the satisfaction of the instructor. Instructors may decide to reduce a student’s grade for repeated absences. Per the OTD student manual policy, a student missing 20% or more of class time may result in automatic failure of the course.

Adding, Dropping and Withdrawing from a Course

Adding a Course

Students may add a course to their schedule in consultation with their academic advisor. A course cannot be added less than two weeks before the start date of the semester/session.

Dropping a Course

Students may drop a course through the fifth day of the fall or spring semester or the fourth class day of the summer semester (prorated for courses that do not meet the entire semester).

Withdrawing from a Course

Students may withdraw from a course (with a grade of W) through the tenth week of the fall or spring semester or the ninth week of the summer semester (prorated for courses that do not meet the entire semester).

Withdrawal from Graduate Programs

To withdraw from the Graduate Programs, students must notify the OTD program director. Students who do not officially withdraw from the program are given grades of F. Students receiving financial aid must contact the Financial Aid Office regarding the implications on financial responsibilities.