Refund Policy

Students who officially withdraw or who reduce their course credit load may be entitled to a refund of tuition according to the following schedule. For withdrawals after the official beginning of classes, the date used to compute any refund is the official date of withdrawal. Any financial assistance to students is prorated. Students who have been dismissed may not appeal for refund of tuition.

Refund Deadlines

TimelineTuition Refund
Before class begins100%
Within the first week of class40%
After the start of the second week of class0%

*Students receiving financial aid must be in continuous enrollment. You should drop/withdraw from a class only if absolutely necessary. Check with your academic advisor.

**Regardless of participation, no technology fees will be refunded after the start of a class.

Students who have been dismissed may not appeal for refund of tuition. Students who are called to active military duty and withdraw from classes at any point in the term will receive a refund of 100% tuition and fees.

Failed Class

If a class is failed, the student shall be assessed the tuition again when repeating the class. 

Withdrawal from Program

A student will be assessed tuition charges by the semester. If a student withdraws from the Program after the semester has started, the refundable portion of the total term charges will be calculated at the current semester hourly rate for each class not started.