Mission and Philosophy


The mission of the Department of Nursing is to prepare professional nurses committed to Christ, scholarship, and service. The ABSN program integrates the Christian faith in preparing nurses to care for diverse populations through evidence-based nursing practice, holistic care, leadership, life-long learning, and service to all communities.

Educational Philosophy and Purpose

The faculty of the Department of Nursing at Huntington University believes that learning is a dynamic, interactive process that fosters the maturation of students. This maturation is built upon the values of excellence, creativity, spirituality, human dignity, collaboration and integrity. The faculty is committed to excellence in teaching, scholarship and service that enhances student learning, which positively affects the health and wellness outcomes of individuals, families and communities.

The upper division nursing major is developed from a strong foundation in the liberal arts, sciences and religious thought. The faculty is committed to providing settings for learning in which students can appreciate the contributions of the discipline of nursing to improving the quality of health care. Nursing is based on caring and compassion.

Faculty works in partnership with students to facilitate learning and is responsible to provide a learning environment that promotes inquiry and creativity. Students are responsible to be involved in learning, to identify their goals, to become skilled and knowledgeable and to propose new ideas. Learning is a continuous process. Learning environments should be flexible, interactive and promote mutual growth of faculty and students.

Consistent with the University philosophy, the faculty of the Department of Nursing encourages students to develop their faith, to interpret fields of learning from a Christian perspective, to commit themselves to Christ as Savior and Lord and to develop traits of Christian character and service.