Mission, Vision and Distinctives

Mission and Vision

Students in the Huntington University's MBA program are likely viewed as leaders and find themselves called upon to guide others in personal and/or professional settings. Many have been drawn to the world of business because of skills they possess, interests they have and a desire to have a positive impact on people and the world around them.

Our vision for the MBA program is to facilitate both personal and professional growth in a way that combines real-world business knowledge with students’ faith and values. We aim to do so by presenting relevant content, faith integration, experiential learning, engaging delivery and a trip abroad to build cultural awareness. 

  • Relevant Content:  The program is designed to prepare high-performing leaders for the challenges of today’s business environment. Our desire is to prepare students each with unique skills and abilities to deliver the quality work that today’s professionals seek.
  • Faith-focused:  Across the curriculum, we emphasize the integration of one’s Christian faith and business calling. We recognize that the business field offers unique opportunities, and we challenge students to develop spiritually while they pursue their expertise and understanding of business.
  • Experiential Learning:  Throughout the 12 courses students gain practical skills and knowledge by completing projects and applying themselves to solving current problems.  Students will be active in learning and will apply their knowledge as a part of the program.
  • Convenient and Engaging Delivery Method:  The program offers courses in a hybrid format (face-to-face and online components). The face-to-face meetings provide students the chance to build relationships and interpersonal skills. Yet, understanding the lifestyles of busy professionals, the MBA program has a strong, online focus and content which allows for efficiency and convenience.
  • Enriching Cross-cultural Experience:  During the second year of the program, students will embark on a 7-10-day global business study course. Students will experience cultural differences (and similarities) in the business world as well as embrace the ambiance and history of places outside the United States.  


  • Practical application and value creation for participants and project clients
  • Transforming emerging business practices into relevant learning experience
  • Hyflex modality: Online learning experiences with engaging sessions as well as face-to-face interaction
  • Global business study tour