Academic Policies

Election of S/U Grades

To encourage students to explore challenging courses outside of their majors or Core Curriculum, the University permits an undergraduate student to take limited elective courses on a Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory basis. Such electives taken for S/U count toward graduation requirements but are not computed in the student’s GPA. Internships and practica are graded only S/U.

Undergraduate students may elect up to five hours in a given semester to be taken as S/U. Not more than 22 hours may be counted toward graduation. Courses counted toward Core Curriculum requirements or major requirements may not be taken S/U unless such courses are offered only on an S/U basis. Courses taken to fulfill requirements in a minor may be taken on an S/U basis. However, if students subsequently elect a major in a discipline in which a course had been graded Satisfactory, that course (but not more than one) may be counted in the major requirements.

Students on academic probation may not petition to take any course S/U during the probationary semester.

To elect S/U in qualifying courses, students must petition the registrar within the first three days of the term. No change in the grading type is permitted after the announced date.

Students selecting S/U grading are expected to participate in courses as though they were taking the courses normally. Professors are not advised that students are taking S/U in a graded course, and professors submit grades as usual. Grades of C- or higher are recorded as Satisfactory and lower grades as Unsatisfactory, and those become the only existing grades of record.

Academic Probation/Dismissal Policy

A student who fails to meet minimum scholastic standards is placed on academic probation. The grade point average (GPA) is the average grade points per credit hour computed by dividing the total number of grade points earned by the total number of semester hours attempted at Huntington, not including Incompletes, courses graded S/U, courses replaced with a Repeat course or courses withdrawn with a W.

At the end of any semester in which a student fails to meet the minimum cumulative GPA required for good standing, the student is placed on academic probation. The student will be on academic probation for the following semester that he or she is in attendance at Huntington University. Students will not be allowed to enroll in more than 12 semester credit hours while on academic probation.

Minimum Grade Point Average for Range of Semester Hours Attempted:

1.70Fewer than 26 hours attempted
1.8026 but fewer than 41 hours
1.9041 but fewer than 56 hours
2.00 56 or more hours


Semester hours attempted for minimum GPA include all hours in courses attempted at Huntington University. Students transferring in with less than a 2.0 cumulative GPA on their college transcript will be admitted on probation.

Any student whose semester GPA falls below a 1.0 may be placed on probation or dismissed from the University even though the cumulative average is satisfactory.

A student, who does not meet a minimum of 2.0 while on probation, may be allowed to remain on probation for an additional semester or be dismissed from the University. A student who has been dismissed may apply for readmission after two semesters.

“Online Programs Special” students may be refused permission to re-enroll for any semester based on past poor scholastic achievement and are not eligible for probation.

Students receiving any type of financial aid are required to meet the standards of satisfactory academic progress. Refer to the section on Financial Assistance and Academic Progress elsewhere in this Catalog for specific information.

A student may also be placed on a probationary contract due to unprofessional conduct, ethical violations, and other concerns. In such cases, the Program Director, with the input of program faculty, will develop the contract to address the relevant concerns. Failure to comply with the stipulations of the contract within specified time period may result in dismissal from the program.