Admissions Policies

Christian Ministry Program Admission Requirements

To be considered for admission to the Graduate Christian Ministry Program, students must supply the following information. When this information is received, the Admissions Committee will act on the application.

  • A completed application form (Graduate Program Application)
  • Official transcripts from all colleges/universities attended with an undergraduate cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 (Students with a lower GPA may apply for provisional admission based on additional documentation and approval of the Program Director.)
  • A professional résumé, summarizing life and work experiences
  • Graduate credits earned at other regionally accredited institutions may be transferrable to Huntington University's Graduate Programs. Only graduate courses with a grade of B- (2.67) or above are transferable. Generally such credits must be no older than 10 years and must represent courses that can reasonably substitute for courses in the Huntington University Graduate Programs. Individual program directors determine the suitability of such courses for transfer credit and may deny transfer credit. Students will be asked to provide relevant materials for their transfer courses. Students in the Ministry program may transfer in a maximum of 6 credit hours. Although credits may transfer, no transfer grades are recorded nor counted in the cumulative grade point average.

Christian Ministry Program Prerequisites

Students pursuing the master of arts degree in pastoral leadership or ministry/TESOL should have the following prerequisites:

  • 3 credit hours of coursework in Old Testament
  • 3 credit hours of coursework in New Testament
  • 3 credit hours of coursework in Theology