Program Outcomes

The ABSN program, in reflecting the University’s mission, prepares a nurse graduate who:

  1. Practices within the profession’s ethical and legal framework and a Christian worldview;
  2. Applies the appropriate theories and research from the disciplines of nursing, liberal arts, sciences, and religious thought into practice;
  3. Provides competent nursing care that contributes to safe and high-quality outcomes for individuals, families, and communities;
  4. Commits to scholarship for the improvement of nursing practice at the local, regional, and international levels;
  5. Values the roles of the competent professional nurse who is a critical thinker, educator, consultant, advocate, collaborator, leader, and researcher;
  6. Recognizes that continued professional competency, service to others, personal achievement, and professional accomplishment require a commitment to life-long learning;
  7. Examines how the roles of holistic nursing, culture, personal biases, and management of resources influence patient care;
  8. Demonstrates effective communication as a leader and change agent in the ever-changing health care environment.