PACE members are appointed and serve under the direction of the President of the University.

Nicholas Alwine, vice president of operations Auburn, Indiana
Victoria L. Boyd-Devine, president Huntertown, Indiana
Cynthia L. Brady, educator Syracuse, Indiana
Gary C. Furst, corporate vice president Fort Wayne, Indiana
Kyle Hamilton, chief executive officer Huntington, Indiana
Marj Hiner, retired business owner Huntington, Indiana
Phillip G. Howard, architect Indianapolis, Indiana
Brian W. Hughes, corporate vice president Rossford, Ohio
Juli Johnson, hospital president Huntington, Indiana
Michael F. Magsig, corporate executive New York City, New York
Philip R. Menzie, school executive Pierceton, Indiana
Adrian Miller, managing director Indianapolis, Indiana
Brian D. More, chief financial officer Columbia City, Indiana
Steven D. Platt, self-employed Huntington, Indiana
Jeffrey A. Shepherd, corporate vice president Carmel, Indiana
Carol L. Shuttleworth, retired business owner Fort Wayne, Indiana
Darlene Stanley, business owner Huntington, Indiana
J. Mark Tullis, retired business executive Spencerville, Indiana 
Edward C. Vessels, president Roanoke, Indiana
Ryan M. Warner, bank president Huntington, Indiana
Mark A. Wickersham, executive director Huntington, Indiana
PACE Advisory Members
Sherilyn R. Emberton President
Stephen T. Weingart Vice President for Advancement