Sexual Assault Policy

Huntington University is deeply committed to providing a safe academic, working and living environment for its students, faculty and staff. Huntington University does not tolerate sex discrimination, including harassment, stalking, sexual misconduct or sexual violence in any form. These behaviors are demeaning and interfere with the rights of others to pursue their education in an atmosphere that is safe and respectful. Overt acts of harassment and assault, any sexual contact without consent and any gender-based violence are strictly prohibited.

Huntington University encourages all victims of sexual assault to report such incidents to the Student Life Office or the Huntington Campus Police. The decision to file a report with the Huntington Campus Police or any other local, county, or state law enforcement agency is to be made by the victim. Filing a report with the police does not commit the victim to any subsequent course of action. While follow-up options are presented and discussed, the final decisions are left to the victim. Student Life personnel will help victims contact the police if assistance is requested. Following a sexual assault, the victim’s physical well-being is a primary concern because of the risk of sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy, and/or physical injuries, which may not be apparent. All victims should seek immediate medical attention; however, even if time has passed, it is important to seek medical care.

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