New Student Programs

The annual Registration events provide an opportunity for new students and their parents or guardians to become more familiar with university life. Students meet peers, faculty, staff and administrators and register for fall classes with an academic advisor.

New students and transfer students are introduced to the Huntington University environment through the course, SS 111 First-Year Seminar. As a part of this course, students are expected to attend the New Student Orientation, which takes place several days before the beginning of the fall semester, and to meet in small groups as a class the first five weeks of the semester. The First-Year Seminar, which emphasizes the integration of faith and learning, serves as a transitional experience giving new students an individualized introduction to the classroom, co-curricular programming, and available campus resources.

An abbreviated orientation for new students is also conducted at the beginning of the spring semester.

Orientation for Parents and Guardians of New Students

Sessions for parents and guardians are held during the Registration events and the first day of New Student Orientation to provide an opportunity for families of new students to learn more about the University and how the University seeks to partner with them in the education of their students. Parents and guardians have the opportunity to engage with each other as they are introduced to various departments and resources.