Residence Life

Huntington is a residential campus. The University views the educational process as extending beyond the classroom, whereby the residence hall program provides learning as well as living environments which enhance the social and intellectual development of students.

Seven residence halls in four separate complexes house students in modern and well-maintained facilities. Hardy Hall for women and Wright Hall for men are more traditional residence halls joined by a common lobby. Baker Hall for men and women offers a suite arrangement where each floor has three to four suites and each suite has four to five rooms. Each suite shares a common bath and lounge. Roush Hall is for women and offers a modified suite arrangement with two rooms and a bath per suite. Meadows and Miller Halls are upperclass residence halls for men and women that offer a suite arrangement where each floor has a full kitchen. Students who live in either Meadows or Miller Halls can elect to be on a modified meal plan and can do a substantial amount of cooking in the halls. Livingston Hall is a traditional residence hall for women. Each residence hall provides space for small meetings, study, social interaction, television, recreation, laundry and kitchen facilities. 

Forester Village Apartments are primarily for single, upperclass students. Located at the southeast side of the campus, Forester Village is a modern complex of two-bedroom apartments within three- or four-apartment units.