2018 - 2019

Sherilyn R. Emberton (2013-  )
President of the University
BS, 1979, Stephen F. Austin State University; MA, 1981, Stephen F. Austin State University; EdD, 1999, Texas A & M University - Commerce.

Joshua D. Addessi (2014-  )
Visiting Instructor of Digital Media Arts
BS, 2010, Huntington University.

David E. Alexander (2009-  )
Associate Professor of Philosophy
BA, 2003, Arizona State University; MA, 2005 and PhD, 2008, Baylor University.

Tanner A. Babb (2010-  )
Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, Associate Professor of Psychology
BA, 2004, Huntington University; MS Ed, 2007, Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne; PhD, 2012, University of Toledo.

Jessica O. Baggerman (2017-  )
Assistant Professor of Agriculture
BS, 2012, Oklahoma State University; MS, 2014 and PhD, 2017, Texas Tech University.

Tyanne N. Bailey (2005-  )
Assistant Professor of Education, Director of Teacher Education Program (Undergraduate and Graduate)
BS, 2004, Huntington University; MA, 2006, Ball State University.

Aaron J. Baker (2018-  )
Assistant Professor of Chemistry

BS, 2011, Ohio Northern University; PhD, 2016, Michigan State University.

Bryan L. Ballinger (2015-  )
Professor in Digital Media Arts
BFA, 1990, Columbus College of Art and Design; MFA, 2005, Lesley University.

Rebekah A. Benjamin (2015-  )
Associate Professor of Psychology
BA, 2004 and Secondary Education Graduate Certificate, 2005, Indiana Wesleyan University; MA, 2009 and PhD, 2012, University of Georgia.

Chaney R. Bergdall (1975-2012)
Professor Emeritus of Bible and Religion
BA, 1969, Huntington University; MA, 1970, Jerusalem University College; MDiv, 1973, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School; PhD, 1986, Fuller Theological Seminary; graduate study, Grace Theological Seminary.

Thomas E. Bergler (2000-  )
Professor of Ministry and Missions
BS, 1986, University of Michigan; MA, 1995, Wheaton College; PhD, 2001, University of Notre Dame.

Sara E. Best (2015-  )
Assistant Professor of Occupational Therapy
BA, 2000, Castleton State College; OTD, 2011, Belmont University.

Connie C. Bonner (1991-1997; 2013-   )
Vice President for Finance/Treasurer
BS, 1984, University of Arizona; Certified Public Accountant.

William H. Bordeaux (1987-2012)
Professor Emeritus of Chemistry
BA, 1968, Houghton College; DA, 1976, University of Miami; graduate study, North Carolina State University.

Susan J. Boyer (2002-  )
Associate Professor of Education
BS, 1982, Gardner-Webb University; MA, 1997, Georgetown College; EdD, 2010, Ball State University.

Charles L. Brady (1959-86)
Associate Professor Emeritus of Business
BS, 1946, Northwest Missouri State College; AM, 1952, University of Northern Colorado.

Dwight D. Brautigam (1987-  )
Professor of History
BA, 1979, Houghton College; MA, 1982, University of Kentucky; PhD, 1987, University of Rochester.

Lance D. Clark (1993- )
Associate Dean of the Arts, Professor of Digital Media Arts Film and Communication, Chair of the Division of School of the Arts
BA, 1989, Huntington University; MA, 1991 and PhD, 2001, Regent University.

Ron L. Coffey (1986-  )
Vice President for Student Life
BS, 1981, Huntington University; MA, 1993, Ball State University; PhD, 2007, Indiana State University.

Rebecca L. Coffman (1993-  )
Professor of Art
BFA, 1985, Hardin-Simmons University; MFA, 1989, Texas Tech University.

Michael D. Cook (2009-  )
Associate Professor of Counseling
BS, 1988, Albany State University; MA, 1992 and PhD, 1997, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.

Sharon L. Custer (1973-2009)
Assistant Professor Emerita of Business
BS, 1966, Huntington University; MS, 1975, University of Saint Francis; graduate study, Ball State University.

Jayme R. Dee (2016-  )
Instructor of Nursing
BS, 2005, University of Saint Francis.

Aleksandar Drobnjakovic (2017-  )
Assistant Professor of Counseling
BT, 2006 and MA, 2008, Sydney College of Divinity; EdD, 2016, Argosy University.

Kevin L. S. Drury (2016-  )
Assistant Professor of Mathematics

BS, 1996, Virginia Tech; MFS, 1998; Yale University; PhD, 2004, University of Chicago.

Jay R. Duffer (2008-  )
Associate Professor of Theatre 
BME, 1991, Baylor University; MFA, 1995, University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Jodi D. Eckert (2014-  )
Assistant Professor of Nursing
ADN, 1998, Indiana-Purdue University, Fort Wayne; BSN, 2014 and MSN, 2016, Western Governors University.

Kent D. Eilers (2009-  )
Associate Professor of Theology, Chair of the Division of Humanities and Christian Thought
BS, 1998, Calvin College; MA, 2004, Denver Seminary; PhD, 2009, University of Aberdeen.

Bruce D. Evans (1991-  )
Professor of Biology
BS, 1985, University of Charleston; PhD, 1991, Emory University.

Mark R. Fairchild (1986-  )
Professor of Bible and Religion
BS, 1976, Pennsylvania State University; BA, 1980, Toccoa Falls College; MDiv, 1982, Asbury Theological Seminary; MPhil, 1985 and PhD, 1989, Drew University.

Luke S. Fetters (1999-  )
Professor of Ministry and Missions, Interim Dean of Graduate and Professional Programs
BA, 1982 and MCM, 1984, Huntington University; MA, 1992, Wheaton College Graduate School; EdD, 2005, Ball State University.

Paul R. Fetters (1972-2002)
Professor Emeritus of Practical Theology, Dean Emeritus for the Graduate School
BA, 1955 and BD, 1959, Huntington University; MDiv, 1969, Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary; MS, 1975, University of Saint Francis; DMin, 1980, Fuller Theological Seminary; DD (hon.), 2003, Huntington University; graduate study, Wright State University and Regent University.

Ruth A. Ford (2014-  )
Associate Dean for Health Sciences, Director of Occupational Therapy and Professor of Occupational Therapy
BS, 1976, The Ohio State University; MSBS, 1994, Medical College of Ohio; EdD, 2004, Bowling Green State University.

A. Norris Friesen (1985-  )
Professor of German, Director of Institutional Effectiveness
BA, 1972, Tabor College; MS, 1980, Kansas State University; PhD, 1991, Purdue University.

Gregory Sean Gates (2018-  )
Instructor of Broadcast Media

BS, 1989, West Virginia University.

Laura M. Gerig (2019-  )
Associate Professor of Psychology

BA, 1991, Taylor University; MA, 1992 and PhD, 1996, Ball State University.

Anita L. Gray (2011-  )
Director of Library Sciences
BA, 1982, Grand Rapids Baptist College; MSLS, 1992, Wayne State University.

Robert E. Hale (1961-1997)
Professor Emeritus of Physics
BS, 1951, Ball State University; MA, 1960, Western Michigan University; EdD, 1973, Ball State University; PedD (hon.), 1997, Huntington University; graduate study, University of California at Los Angeles, University of Kansas, University of Arizona, Ohio University.

Sarah J. Harvey (1981-  )
BA, 1978, Huntington University; MA, 1981 and graduate study, Ball State University.

R. William Hasker (1966-2000)
Distinguished Professor and Professor Emeritus of Philosophy
AB, 1956, Wheaton College; BD, 1959, American Baptist Seminary of the West; PhD, 1961, University of Edinburgh; LHD (hon.), 2001, Huntington University; graduate study, Fuller Theological Seminary, University of California at Berkeley.

Herbert Jack Heller (2002-  )
Associate Professor of English
BA, 1985, Bryan College; MA, 1989 and PhD, 1997, Louisiana State University.

Patricia A. Henton (2017-  )
Assistant Professor of Occupational Therapy
BS, 1989, University of Western Ontario; OTD, 2015, Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions.

F. Collin Hobbs (2013-  )
Assistant Professor of Biology
BS, 2004, University of Wisconsin; PhD, 2013, Indiana University.

Andrew J. Hoffman (2017-  )
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
BA, 2010, Wabash College; MS, 2013 and PhD, 2017, Purdue University.

Troy D. Irick (2002-  )
Assistant Professor of Business and Economics, Vice President of HU Ventures, Inc.
BS, 1985, Huntington University; MA, 2008, Crown College; Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study, 2011, Regent University; Certified Public Accountant.

Francis L. Jones (1971-2011)
Professor Emeritus of Mathematical Sciences
BA, 1966, Huntington University; MS, 1967 and PhD, 1971, Michigan State University; graduate study, Ball State University.

Karen E. Jones (1997-  )
Professor of Ministry and Missions, Director of MA in Ministry Program
BS, 1978 and MS, 1982, Southwest Missouri State University; MA, 1993 and PhD, 1998 Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Robert E. Kaehr (1976-2010)
Director of Library Services and Associate Professor Emeritus
BA, 1965, Huntington University; MA, 1972, Northern Arizona University; MLS, 1976, George Peabody College; graduate study, Indiana University.

Mandy L. Kellums Baraka (2016-  )
Assistant Professor of Graduate Counseling
BS, 2001, Southwest Baptist University; MA, 2007, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; MA, 2013, Wheaton College; PhD, 2017, Regent University.

George W. Killian, Jr. (2001-  )
Associate Professor of Music
BA, 1988, Anderson University; MM, 1991, Ball State University; DMA, 2000, Arizona State University.

Jeffrey L. Lehman (1998-  )
Professor of Computer Science, Chair of the Division of Natural and Mathematical Sciences
BA, 1991, Bluffton College; MS, 1993, Illinois State University; PhD, 2004, Nova Southeastern University.

W. Todd Martin (1999-  )
Professor of English
BA, 1989, William Jewell College; MA, 1991, Wake Forest University; PhD, 1998, Baylor University.

Carla J. MacDonald (2005-  )
Associate Professor of Social Work
BSW, 1979, Manchester College; MSW, 1981, Indiana University; MBA, 1991, University of Saint Francis; EdD, 2012, Indiana Wesleyan University.

Michelle H. Mays (2019-  )
Assistant Professor of Occupational Therapy, Assistant Fieldwork Coordinator
BA, 2002, Saint Mary's College, Notre Dame; OTD 2004, University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences.

David W. McEowen (1997-2014)
Associate Professor Emeritus in Business
BS, 1970, Purdue University; MBA, 1984, University of Saint Francis; graduate study, Rochester Institute of Technology.

Ann C. McPherren (1981-  )
Vice President for Strategy and Graduate/Adult Programs, Professor of Business and Economics
BA, 1978, Huntington University; MS, 1982 and EdD, 1992, Ball State University; graduate study, Indiana University.

Barbara E. Michel (2008-  )
Associate Professor of Art
BA, 1989 and 1992, Purdue University; MA, 1997, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis; graduate study, Purdue University.

Paul E. Michelson (1974-2015)
Distinguished Professor and Professor Emeritus of History
AB, 1967, Emporia State University; AM, 1969 and PhD, 1975, Indiana University.

Fred L. Miller, III (2016-  )
Professor of Exercise Science
BS, 2000, Huntington University; MA, 2003, Eastern New Mexico University; PhD, 2008, University of Houston.

Kevin D. Miller (2002-  )
Professor of Communication
BA, 1987, Eastern Mennonite University; MA, 1992, Ohio State University; PhD, 2002, University of Kentucky.

Ruth E. Nalliah (1995-  )
Professor of Chemistry
BA, 1989, Bluffton College; PhD, 1995, University of Toledo.

Randy L. Neuman (1982-  )
Associate Director of Library Services and Assistant Professor of Library Science
AB, 1980, Huntington University; MLS, 1981, University of Michigan; graduate study, Ball State University.

John T. Noble (2012-  )
Associate Professor of Bible and Religion, Director of Honors Program
BA, 1998, Taylor University; MDiv, 2005, Gordon- Conwell Theological Seminary; PhD, 2013 Harvard University.

James M. O’Donnell (1993-2012)
Associate Professor Emeritus of Business and Economics and Executive-in-Residence
AB, 1970, Brown University; MEd, 1973, Rhode Island College; MBA, 1979, Columbia University.

Beth A. O'Rourke (2014-  )
Associate Professor of Occupational Therapy
BS, 2008, Bowling Green State University; OTD, 2011, Belmont University.

Melanie L. Park (2017-  )
Assistant Professor of Education

BS, 1993 and MS, 2001, Indiana University; EdD, 2016, Walden University.

Raymond A. Porter (2014-  )
Director of the Haupert Institute for Agricultural Studies, Associate Professor of Agriculture
BS, 1981, Wheaton College; PhD, 1988, Cornell University; MA, 2013, Biola University.

Evelyn J. Priddy (1990-2016)
Professor Emerita of Education
BS, 1972, Huntington University; MS, 1976, Indiana University; EdD, 1989, Ball State University.

Nancy L. Richison (2013-  )
Assistant Professor of Nursing
BS, 1992, Huntington University; BSN, 2004, Indiana Wesleyan University; MSN, 2009, Indiana University-Purdue University, Indianapolis.

Andrew Rivera (2019-  )
Assistant Professor of Occupational Therapy
BS, 2013, Seton Hall University; OTD, 2017, Huntington University.

James Gregory Roth (2016-  )
Assistant Professor of Graphic Design
BFA, 2011, Indiana University-Purdue University, Fort Wayne; MFA, 2013, Maine College of Art.

Michael W. Rowley (1998-  )
Associate Professor of Speech Communication
BA, 1991 and MA, 1992, University of Central Florida; PhD, 1997, Florida State University.

Mary E. Ruthi (1978-80; 1983-  )
Professor of Sociology 
BA, 1972, Sterling College; MA, 1975 and PhD, 1978, University of Nebraska at Lincoln.

Marlene J. Schleiffer (1973-2005)
Professor Emerita of Music
BSM, 1959, Summit Christian College; MM, 1962 and PhD, 1973, Indiana University.

Nicole R. Scheiman (2015-  )
Associate Professor and Director of Occupational Therapy Assistant Program
AS, 1991, International Business College; BS, 1999, Indiana University; MHS, 2010, University of Florida; OTD, 2018, Nova Southeastern University.

Isaac Nathan Short (2014-  )
Associate Professor of Occupational Therapy
BA, 2002, Lee University; OTD, 2009, Belmont University.

Gerald D. Smith (1967-2009)
Professor Emeritus of Physics and Chemistry and Vice President and Dean Emeritus of the University
BS, 1964, Huntington University; PhD, 1972, Purdue University; LHD (hon.), 1998, Huntington University; graduate study, University of Washington, Michigan State University, Ball State University, Louisiana State University.

Timothy O. Smith (2007-  )
Professor of History, Director of the Center for Non-Western Studies
BA (Hons), 1996, University of Leicester; MA, 1997, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London; PhD, 2005, University of East Anglia; FRHistS, 2008, Fellow of the Royal Historical Society.

Gregory A. Smitley (2015-  )
Vice President for Business and Finance/Treasurer
AA, 1978 and BS, 1980, Huntington University; Diploma, 1999, Graduate School of Banking; MBA, 2005, Indiana Wesleyan University.

Daniel F. Solms (2015-  )
Vice President of Enrollment Management and Marketing
BS, 1994 and MS, 2002, Indiana Wesleyan University.

Jeanne L. Sowers (2018-  )
Associate Professor of Occupational Therapy
BS, 1981, University of Kansas; MA, 1996, Texas Woman's University; OTD, 2004, Creighton University.

Patricia R. Spedden (1983-2010)
Professor Emerita of Music
BMus, 1973, Centenary College; MM, 1975, University of Maine; DA, 1982, Ball State University.

Heather Y. Z. St. Peters (2015-  )
Assistant Professor of Organizational Leadership
BA, 1991, Illinois Wesleyan University; MS, 1994, Illinois State University; PhD, 2012, Indiana Institute of Technology.

Cynthia L. Steury (1980-82; 1986-2016)
Professor Emerita of Education
BS, 1971, Huntington University; MA, 1974, Bowling Green State University; EdD, 1997, Ball State University.

Samantha J. Sutorius (2016-  )
Instructor of Social Work
BSW, 2010, Huntington University; MSW, 2012, Indiana University-Purdue University, Indianapolis.

Constance L. Updike (1988-2013)
Associate Professor Emerita of Recreation Management
BS, 1971, Manchester College; MS, 1977, Indiana University; graduate study, University of Saint Francis, Indiana University, Ball State University.

Linda K. Urschel (1984-2018)
Professor Emerita of English
BS, 1980 and MAT, 1984, Indiana University; PhD, 1992, Ball State University.

Michael K. Wanous (2014-  )
Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the Faculty
BS, 1986, University of Minnesota; MS, 1989, Texas A&M University; PhD, 1994, University of Missouri.

Christian J. Washington (2019-  )
Assistant Professor of Animation

BS, 2013, Huntington University; MFA, 2016, Ball State University.

Jeffrey B. Webb (1999-  )
Professor of History, Chair of the Division of Social Sciences and Education
BA, 1987, Baldwin-Wallace College; MA, 1989, Cleveland State University; PhD, 2001, University of Chicago.

Matthew S. Webb (2016-  )
Instructor of Digital Media Arts, Film Production
BA, 1998, Huntington University; MAT, 2008, Fuller Theological Seminary.

Stephen T. Weingart (2019-  )
Vice President for University Advancement
BA, 1988, Malone College; MBA, 1995, Baldwin-Wallace College; graduate study, Case Western Reserve University, Weatherhead School of Management.

Winfield B. Wetherbee (1977-2011)
Professor Emeritus of Mathematical Sciences
BS, 1967, Wheaton College; MS, 1969 and PhD, 1973, Clarkson University.

Anita J. Wickersham (1983-  )
Associate Professor of Accounting and Business
BA, 1980, Huntington University; MBA, 1988 and graduate study, Ball State University; Certified Public Accountant.

Adam J. Widener (2015-  )
Assistant Professor of Digital Media Arts/Broadcast Media
BA, 2009, Huntington University.

Margaret A. Winter (2007-2016; 2018-  )
Interim Nursing Director and Associate Professor of Nursing

AS, 1986, Penn Valley Community College; BS, 1991, University of Illinois; MS, 1994, Northern Illinois University; EdD, 2008, Nova Southeastern University.

Philip M. Wilson (2016-  )
Assistant Professor of Digital Media, Arizona Digital Media Program Director
BA, 2008, San Jose State University; MA, 2012, San Diego State University.

Brock A. Zehr (2014-  )
Assistant Professor of Business
BA, 1986, Anderson University; MBA, 2009, Indiana Wesleyan University; DBA, 2016, Walden University.

Carl D. Zurcher (1950-1989)
Professor Emeritus of Speech
BA, 1948, Huntington University; MA, 1950, Northwestern University; PhD, 1973, Purdue University; LHD (hon.), 1989, Huntington University.


Faculty Named Chairs
2018 - 2019

W. Todd Martin Edwina Patton Chair in the Arts and Sciences
Rebecca L. Coffman Luke J. Peters Chair in the Arts and Sciences


Special Appointments

Amanda M. Burge, MBA Instructor of Business and Economics
Deborah S. Fitzcharles, MS Occupational Therapy Assistant Fieldwork Coordinator
John Jay LeBlanc, MA Instructor of Worship Leadership and Outreach Coordinator


Undergraduate Adjunct Faculty - Huntington

2018 - 2019

Heather R. Applegate, MA ministry and missions
Jane M. Bitting, MS education
Jeffrey A. Blossom, BA digital media arts
Elizabeth M. Bolinger, MA psychology
Christopher J. Burton, BS exercise science
Elise E. Chadwick, BA Spanish
Deborah K. Cherry, MS mathematics
Sharon R. Cuttriss, BS sport management
Charles D. Daugherty, EdS education
Mark H. Dubois, MA education
Melissa A. Duffer, MFA theatre
Andrew J. Edmonds, BA theatre
Lynette D. Fager, BS communication
Justin D. Faw, MS criminal justice
Christopher M. Felton, BS chemistry
William E. Field, EdD agriculture
Timothy D. Fulk, MS criminal justice
Michelle A. Fulkerson, BSN nursing
Brandon F. Furniss, MFA art
Eric O. Geders, BA digital media arts
Dale G. Gerke, MBA business, digital media arts
LaToshia L. Gilbert, BSN nursing clinical instructor
Ronald G. Goetz, MA psychology
Paul C. Griswold, BS digital media arts
Ray R. Harris, MBA ministry and missions
Shoshannah L. Hernandez, MA TESOL
Zen D. Hess, MA Bible and religion
Thomas G. Hofrichter, MA theatre
Stephan A. Hughes, BS digital media arts
Kerry David Kohli, BA agriculture
Kelli J. Kreider, MS agriculture
Monte J. Lightner, JD business
Brigitte Martin, MA French
Clifton P. Martin, MS physics
Sarah E. Miller Freehauf, MFA TESOL
Janette L. Moore, MA education
Paul R. Nalliah, MA biology
Stephen C. Park, MA biology
Christopher M. Parker, BS business
Peter M. Partin, BGS computer science
Alison A. Pershing, BSN nursing clinical instructor
Janine R. Petry, MA Bible and religion
Stephen C. Petry, MA Bible and religion
Annalee L. Rawley, MA psychology
Theresa M. Reiff, BA occupational therapy assistant
Kathryn S. Rhodes, MA education
Molly J. Rose, MFA English
Adam K. Sahli, MFA theatre
Matthew A. Schownir, PhD history
Donald L. Sherman, MA exercise science
Kyle D. Shondell, BA sport management
LeeAnn Shondell, MS nursing clinical instructor
Mark A. Vincenti, MA ministry and missions
Susan Walters, BSN nursing clinical instructor
Robert J. Wilkin, DC exercise science
Curtis W. Wood, BS digital media arts
Caitlyn E. Wright, MSN nursing
Undergraduate Adjunct Faculty in Music - Huntington
2018 - 2019
Hillary B. Feibel, MM oboe
Justin L. Geiger, MUSB composition
Joni C. Killian, MM voice, vocal pedagogy, diction, aural skills, and women’s chorale
Bradley D. Kuhns, MA double bass
Douglas A. McElhaney, MA brass
Bryan T. Ringo, MA brass
Cindy L. Romano, MA piano
Elizabeth A. Smith, MA piano, violin, viola, and aural skills
Jeremy K. Walton, BM guitar
Todd D. Ward, MS trumpet
Undergraduate Adjunct Faculty - Peoria  
2018 - 2019  
Eli T. Aguirre, MA digital media arts
Antonia J. Berg, MA digital media arts
Luis Bohorquez, II, BFA digital media arts
Brianne K. Brenneman, MA history, sociology
Dianne M. Cripe, MA digital media arts
Jeffery D. Del Nero, MFA art
James K. Ellis, PhD Bible and religion, ministry and missions
Damon M. Evans, BS digital media arts
Gary E. Gillespie, MA digital media arts
Lorraine M. Howland, MA English
Ricardo Jimenez, MA digital media arts
Eric J. Luce, BS computer science
Charles Tyler McGhee, BS art
Jessica C. Owen, MFA art
Jamie H. Sanfilippo, MA communication
Daniel R. Sidler, BFA art
Professional Programs Adjunct Faculty
2018 - 2019
Amy J. Biegel, MSW, LSCW social work
Hope D. Brown, MA, LMHC psychology
Callie D. Buschman, MSW social work
Anna Grace Coplen, BS English
Tilija Drobnjakovic, EdDCES psychology
Teresa A Fuller-O'Brien, MEd art
Dale Gerke, MBA business
Julienne K. Goetz, MA business
Ronald G. Goetz, II, MA psychology
Marci J. Hammel, MBA business
Dawn M. Harvey, MSW psychology
Christopher L. Hayden, MSW social work
Emily A. Horne, MA general education
Tonya L. Horvath, BS business
Brian R. Jaworski, PhD Bible
Amy Johns, MS business
Mark W. Klinker, MBA business
Katie A. Matula, MSW social work
David W. McEowen, MBA business
Debra M Meyer, MNM business
Brian C. Milton, MEd general education
Nina Newton, MA English
Stephen C. Park, MS general education
Danielle M. Peterson, MSW, LCSW social work
Karen Redman, MA, M.Min Bible
Tracey A. Riggle, MSW social work
Stephen J. Saddington, MEd general education
Vanessa Schoon, MEd business
Janice Kay Schwob, BA general education
Jeffrey F. Sherlock, EdD business
Nicole W. Simpson, MSW social work
Adam L. Skiles, MS general education
Autumn Teeple, BS, CPA business
Steven G. Vance, MA TESOL
Rachel L. Vinson, MBA business
Sabrina D. Waterfield, MEd English
Mark J. Wiley, JD business
Christina J. Wooldridge, MA TESOL
Graduate School Adjunct Faculty
2018 - 2019
Andreas J Bienert, MA, CSAC, LPC, NCC counseling
Melissa J. Balckmer, MEd, LMHC, LMFT counseling
Jeff Brewer, MBA business administration
Jessica Bricker, CPA, BA business administration
Hope D. Brown, MA, LMHC counseling
Rebecca Cline, MA, LMHCA counseling
Barry L. Davis, MS, CTC, MCS counseling
Tilija Drobnjakovic, EdDCES counseling
Saundra L. Fredrickson, MA, LMHC counseling
Perry C. Haan, DBA business administration
Roger C. Hoversland, PhD occupational therapy
Renee L. Jandorf, MEd TESOL
Jeffrey W. Kennedy, DBA business administration
Jill R Linder, MHS occupational therapy
Scott R. Livingston, EdD organizational leadership
David W. Mays, Jr., MPAS, PA-C occupational therapy
John W. Paff, MA business administration
RuthAnn Price, MA TESOL
Nathan P. Randolph, DSL ministry
Charles P. Redwine, DMin, LFMT, LCAC counseling
Randall C. Rheinheimer, PhD counseling
John P. Shealey, DBA business administration
Jeffrey F. Sherlock, EdD organizational leadership
Julie Snyder, OTD, CSRS, OTR occupational therapy
Shon Steger, MBA, MS business administration
James E Swanson, MA, LMHC counseling
Richard Thoman, EdD ministry
Joel A. Vilensky, PhD occupational therapy
Evan D. Wood, PhD organizational leadership
Christina J. Wooldridge, MA TESOL