Community Life

Huntington University is a Christ-centered liberal arts institution with a strong relationship with the Church of the United Brethren in Christ. Huntington University desires to be a community that honors Jesus Christ and that emphasizes that the Christian life is primarily positive rather than negative. Creative, loving service to others is more important than adherence to a list of detailed prohibitions. As Huntington University strives to become a more Christ-centered community, we agree together to accept the following community life standards.

Members of the university community are urged to follow the Bible’s guidelines for Christian living. We should be relating to each other in a spirit of mutual dependence and accountability, loving others, sharing the Gospel throughout the world, demonstrating evidence of the Holy Spirit working through our lives, seeking justice, working for peace, working to reduce poverty, seeking reconciliation, being good stewards of our bodies as well as our talents and resources, reflecting Christ in our appearance and behavior, and taking care of the world God has created for us.

It is recognized that Huntington University expectations of behavior, based on Biblical teaching and community standards, may be different from behavioral expectations of societal laws and norms. The Bible clearly calls Christians to maintain high standards of sexual purity. Sexual relations are reserved for the institution of marriage between a man and a woman. Possession or use of sexually obscene or pornographic matter in all forms is prohibited. These guidelines apply both on-campus and off-campus. The Bible condemns drunkenness but does not categorically forbid the use of alcohol. The use of alcohol, the possession of alcohol, or being under the influence of alcohol is prohibited on-campus and at all university-sponsored events. Students in the traditional undergraduate program are prohibited from using, possessing, or being under the influence of alcohol off-campus. All other members of the campus community are urged to avoid the use of alcohol off-campus and are prohibited from the following: the abusive use of alcohol, the use of alcohol in the known presence of traditional undergraduate students, and the use of alcohol while representing the university.

The use of any tobacco products on-campus and at all university-sponsored events is prohibited. Members of the campus community are urged to abstain from the use of tobacco products off-campus. The use of tobacco products when representing the university is prohibited. Gambling on-campus and at all university-sponsored events is prohibited. When members of the university community are off-campus, they are urged to abstain from gambling. Members of the university community are urged to follow the Bible’s injunction to encourage each other through conversation and to avoid lies, profanity, gossip, obscenity, and other negative uses of language.

Any activity that is prohibited by law, where the nature of the offense and circumstances pose unreasonable risks to Huntington University or its staff, faculty, or students, is also prohibited for members of the Huntington University community, whether on-campus or off-campus. This includes, but is not limited to, offenses against another person or his/her property and offenses involving the use or possession of illegal drugs, harassment, intimidation, and public health and decency. The name of Huntington University may not be used in connection with any activity or function involving a departure from the standards outlined in this agreement, nor may campus facilities be used in publicizing such activity or function.