Community Life

Huntington University strives to create and promote an atmosphere that will encourage students to develop the highest attainable degree of maturity within the framework of an evangelical Christian faith. Regulations for conduct, as set forth in the Student Handbook, have been established in the light of this objective.

The primary obligation of all students is to live as responsible members of a Christian community, seeking to live up to their own ideals as they themselves grow personally, morally and spiritually. The Christian life is primarily positive rather than negative; creative, loving service to others is far more important than adherence to a list of detailed prohibitions.

However, the University feels that a few specific prohibitions are necessary in the best interests of the student body as a whole and in order to establish a positive atmosphere on campus.

Gambling and the drinking of alcoholic beverages are not permitted on or off campus; use of tobacco is not permitted on the University campus or at University-sponsored activities off campus.

Sincere Christians may differ on these matters, and no condemnation is implied of those who take a different view. However, students in accepting admission agree to govern themselves by the regulations of the University, and even if they personally do not regard these practices as moral issues, they are bound by their agreement.