Transfer Students

Students with letters of honorable dismissal and official transcripts of credits from other regionally accredited post-secondary institutions may be admitted to advanced standing at Huntington University.

Transfer students pursuing a degree will be required to complete at least eighteen hours in their major at Huntington and satisfy the residency requirements for the degree level sought.

Only courses with a grade of C or above are transferable, and only those courses which are appropriate to programs offered at Huntington will be transferred. Some majors may require a higher minimum grade for transfer work. The registrar will determine which courses meet Huntington requirements in specific majors and general education based on appropriate relevant materials provided by the student. Work completed more than ten years prior to a student’s date of graduation is subject to review by the registrar and the appropriate academic departments to determine whether those credits will count toward graduation.

When a student who has completed coursework at another college transfers to Huntington, only credits are transferred—no transfer grades are recorded nor counted in the cumulative grade point average. 

When a student who is regularly enrolled at Huntington enrolls as a transient student at another institution and takes coursework that has been approved by the Huntington registrar, the grade as well as course credit is listed on the student’s Huntington transcript and calculated in the cumulative grade index. Grades are not transferred for courses taken by correspondence and credit for correspondence work requires special approval. Grades are not transferred for coursework taken before a student enrolls at Huntington or when the student is not a continuing student, as when a student transfers out for a semester and returns to Huntington. Credit awarded by another institution on the basis of an examination or proficiency test is not transferable to Huntington University. Credit for AP, CLEP and DSST examinations taken prior to enrollment is awarded by Huntington University only after the student has enrolled and after the University has evaluated an official score report.

Credit, if awarded, from a non-accredited institution is not transferred until the student has completed at least 12 hours at Huntington with a C average or better. Provisional acceptance of work appropriate to the Huntington University program is contingent on the student performing satisfactorily in courses with advanced standing.

Transfer students whose cumulative GPA is less than 2.0 or who are on academic probation at the most recent institution attended as a full-time student may be admitted on probation, provided the student would have been regularly admitted on the basis of the high school record. Such students must obtain a C average in their first semester at Huntington to be removed from probation and be permitted to continue their enrollment.

A transfer student released from another post-secondary institution for poor scholarship may be admitted on probation after at least one semester has elapsed between the student’s release and the admission to Huntington provided the student would have been regularly admitted on the basis of the high school record. However, based on an evaluation of the admissions committee, such a student may be conditionally admitted on probation if there is promise of success at Huntington but may be limited to less than full-time attendance until the student has completed 12 or more hours with a 2.0 cumulative GPA at Huntington. Subsequent action for release from probation or for dismissal will follow regulations for regularly enrolled students.

Transfer students follow regular admissions procedures. An official transcript of his or her post-secondary record is requested by the student to be sent from the registrar of that institution to the Huntington University Office of Admissions. Attendance at all previous institutions must be reported on the application; fraudulent or incomplete information about one’s previous academic record will subject the individual’s admission decision to review for possible immediate dismissal.

Transfer students who have completed only one semester of full-time coursework at another institution may be evaluated for admission based on their high school record. These students will still be required to follow all regular admission procedures, including providing an official college transcript.