Audit and Visitor Students

Students wishing to take courses only on a noncredit basis may be allowed to enroll as special students to take courses as auditors or visitors. Such students are exempted from portions of the admissions process and are not regularly admitted. Students may not audit or visit online classes.

An auditor is a student who wishes to take a credit course and participate with the class but does not wish to receive credit. The student pays a reduced tuition plus applicable laboratory or studio fees. Students are invited to participate fully with the class, submitting papers and taking exams at their option. A permanent record entry is made with a designation of audit enrollment provided the student attends a minimum of two-thirds of the class sessions and makes a minimum passing effort. Full-time students may audit one course per semester without tuition.

visitor has permission only to attend a course as space is available. A visitor registration charge per course entitles the student to attend lectures but not laboratory or studio sessions. No permanent record is made nor is coursework to be evaluated by the instructor.