Early Entry

High school juniors and seniors with a 2.3 GPA or higher may be permitted to enroll in designated Huntington University residential classes as an Early Entry. Early Entry students may enroll in a maximum of six credits each semester (24 credits total) of their junior and senior years before high school graduation. Special tuition rates enable such students to earn college credits at Huntington which can be applied toward their degree at Huntington University or transferred to other colleges/universities based on the policies of the other schools.

To be admitted to the Early Entry program, students must fill out the Early Entry application at www.huntington.edu/apply. Admission as an Early Entry student does not guarantee regular admission to the university upon graduation from high school.

Incoming new Huntington University first-time freshmen may take summer classes at the Early Entry tuition rate during the summer between their high school graduation and their first semester of college.

Contact the Office of Admissions for more information regarding the enrollment process and classes available for Early Entry students at admissions@huntington.edu or 800-642-6493.