Mathematics Placement Policy

Math placements are determined using high school transcripts, college transcripts, and standardized testing (e.g., SAT, ACT). The following table lists courses that have math placement requirements.

CoursesPlacement Level
 MA 111, 112, CS 111A
 MA 150, 151, 165B
 CH 141, 161, PH 211, 212C
 MA 171D


Level D is the highest placement. Students may take all courses at their placement level or lower. Students that do not meet the required math placement(s) for courses in their major have three options.

  1. Students may take the ALEKS math placement exam. Students pay a registration fee to take the exam. The price includes one year of access to the ALEKS online learning platform. Students may use this access to build or refresh required skills and re-take the placement exam up to four times as needed to achieve their desired math placement.
  1. Students may take one of the four options of MA 100 Mathematic Foundations. The course uses the ALEKS online platform to build the mathematical skills required for future coursework. Students will meet weekly with an instructor for group instruction, mini-lectures, and individual help sessions. A student will achieve their math placement after passing the course.
    Successful Completion of:Results in Placement Into:
     MA 100A Mathematical Foundations Level A: MA 111, 112, CS 111
     MA 100B Mathematical Foundations Level B: MA 150, 151, 165
     MA 100C Mathematical Foundations Level C: CH 141, 161, PH 211, 212
     MA 100D Mathematical Foundations Level D: MA 171
  2. Students may take MA 115 Mathematics for Society and the Liberal Arts. MA 115 does not require math placement and meets the core math requirement. After passing MA 115, a student can register for MA 111, 112, 150, 151, 165; or CS 111 as needed for their major. This option is unavailable to students requiring PH 211, 212; CH 141, 161; or MA 171.

Students are encouraged to meet the math placement requirement as first-year students to ensure the successful completion of their degrees. Students who have completed 26 hours (sophomore status or above) and have not met the required math placement for their major must submit a plan each semester for meeting this requirement with the registrar before being approved to register for courses. Ordinarily, students will be advised to register for MA 100 or if applicable MA 115.