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Off-Campus Programs

Opportunities abound for students to experience a different setting or a different culture as part of their education at Huntington University. Such experiences are a significant highlight and can be a life-changing experience for the undergraduate.

Huntington University partners with Jerusalem University College and Tokyo Christian University - East Asia Institute and maintains affiliation with the AuSable Institute, BCA Study Abroad, Budapest Semesters in Mathematics, Chicago Semester, International Studies Abroad, NYC Semester Program, Semester in Spain, Veritas Christian Study Abroad and Veritas Romanian Studies Program. These programs are described in the section under Affiliated Off-Campus Programs. Students should contact the Office of Off-Campus and International Studies located in the Enterprise Resource Center for further information on these programs. The application deadline is February 15 to study abroad for the upcoming academic year.

Huntington is also a member of the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities, whose programs described in the section under CCCU GlobalEd Off-Campus Programs require participants to be full-time, registered students of a CCCU member institution, such as Huntington University. The CCCU is an association of 100 colleges and universities in the United States and Canada that sponsors semester and summer programs for upperclassmen from its member institutions. The programs offer unique opportunities for students to make the world their classroom, going beyond the confines of the traditional learning experience. Information on CCCU programs is available in the Office of Off-Campus and International Studies and at

Work completed by Huntington University students through any of these programs is treated as resident credit, and Huntington students enrolled for a term in one of these programs are considered resident students at Huntington during that term. That work can apply toward the residency requirement for a Huntington degree or major. All work completed and grades earned are displayed on the student’s Huntington transcript. If credits and grades awarded by the affiliated program are not in the range awarded by Huntington University, they are translated to the nearest Huntington University equivalent before posting on the Huntington transcript.

To support students who desire to participate in these programs, the University may provide students institutional aid toward such off-campus opportunities. Outside grants for which the student is eligible may be used for CCCU and other affiliated programs, but University scholarships, performance grants, international grants or tuition remission may not be used for off-campus programs. Students considering applying for an off-campus program should consult the Office of Financial Aid for information about eligibility for financial aid.

Affiliated Off-Campus Programs

AuSable Institute of Environmental Studies

The AuSable Institute serves evangelical Christian colleges and universities with environmental studies set in the forests, wetlands, lakes and rivers at campuses in the Great Lakes region (Mancelona, MI), Pacific Northwest (Whidbey Island, WA), the Vara Blanca region of Costa Rica and Tamul Nadia, India. January Term, May Term and summer courses provide academic credit in field ecology, field biology, land resources, water resources and environmental studies.

The University grants four semester hours of credit per course. The Institute has fellowships and grants for qualified students. Tuition is charged at the Huntington University hourly amount and students pay a weekly room and board charge. The Institute grants certificates for environmental analysts, land resource analysts and naturalists. Further information may be obtained from the Biology Department.

BCA Study Abroad

BCA Study Abroad is committed to helping students understand the complexities of the contemporary world by providing challenging academic programs and cross-cultural learning in locations around the globe. A significant component of BCA’s study abroad programs, both through traditional classroom education and in field learning, is dedicated to grasping, to the extent possible in a relatively short sojourn, the historical, social and cultural context of the big questions of the human condition. Programs include Austria, Belgium, China, Ecuador, England, Germany, Greece, India, Ireland, Mexico, Morocco, New Zealand and Spain. As a result, students who participate in a BCA program gain a more comprehensive and precise understanding of the world. A total of 12-17 credits may be earned.

Budapest Semesters in Mathematics

Budapest Semesters in Mathematics provide a unique opportunity for North American undergraduates. Through this program, mathematics and computer science majors, in their junior or senior years, may spend fall, spring or summer semester in Budapest and study under the tutelage of eminent Hungarian scholar-teachers in English. The instructors of Budapest Semesters in Mathematics are members of Eötvös University, the Mathematical Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and Budapest University of Technology and Economics, the three institutions known for having educated more than half of Hungary’s highly acclaimed mathematicians. Most instructors have had teaching experience in North America and are familiar with the cultural differences. Students can earn between 12-16 credits.

Chicago Semester

Chicago Semester is an off-campus program with 40 years of experience providing students the opportunity to live, learn and work in Chicago. Students in the program experience first-hand what it is like to live in the global city of Chicago. Students participate in vibrant arts and cultural activities, explore diverse neighborhoods and master the public transportation system. Students learn alongside faculty who teach using the city as a laboratory. Through this learning students explore complex urban issues and reflect on one's collective responsibility to society. Lastly, for four days a week, students work with professional mentors at some of Chicago's leading companies and organizations; building networking relationships and future career connections. Students can earn between 12-15 credits. Students may also participate in a three month summer program, for which they may earn six to nine credits.

Freedom International Ministries

Huntington University has partnered with Freedom International Ministries to offer a 30 credit hour gap year program to Freedom interns. The programs is particularly geared toward high school graduates interested in interning with Freedom while also wanting to get started on their college journey. Interns at Freedom serve part time as teachers and assistants at Freedom Christian School in the Dominican Republic while taking face-to-face courses on the Freedom campus and online courses through Huntington University. For details, see the Freedom International to Forester web page or contact the admissions office.

International Studies Abroad

International Studies Abroad (ISA) provides students the opportunity to explore the world. ISA offers a wide variety of study abroad programs at accredited schools and universities in Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, China, Columbia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, England, Fiji, France, Germany, Greece, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Morocco, New Zealand, Northern Ireland, Peru, Scotland, South Africa, South Korea, Spain and Thailand.

In the age of globalization, an intimate understanding of a foreign culture is both a valuable academic asset and an enriching personal experience. As a leader in international education, ISA is dedicated to providing university-level students with the opportunity to discover, learn and enjoy a way of life other than their own. Students can earn between 12-17 credits.

Jerusalem University College 

Jerusalem University College is a nondenominational center in Jerusalem, Israel, which offers undergraduate and graduate courses in archaeology, history, geography, languages and literature relating to both ancient and modern cultures in the area. Huntington is a member and accepts credits earned at J.U.C. Students majoring in Bible and theology are provided the option of including a semester of study in Israel in either the junior or senior year. Further information may be obtained from the Christian Thought and Practice Department.

New York City Semester Program

The New York City Semester enables students to spend a semester in New York City at The King’s College. The King’s College is located in the Empire State Building. The experience is specifically targeted to students who intend to lead in the areas of business, politics, economics, media, journalism and the arts. NYC Semester is a domestic study abroad program that allows students to explore internship opportunities in New York City while at the same time furthering their studies with a full semester’s course load. Students choose from a selection of courses in several academic disciplines, including politics, philosophy, economics, business, theology, history and media. Students are required to take at least 12 credit hours (four courses) and also have opportunity to add an internship for additional credit. For additional information, go to

During the NYC Summer Theater Institute, students take classes from professional NYC theater artists, workshop their craft in rehearsals, attend seminars and lectures by working NYC theater professionals and see a broad spectrum of different kinds of theater. As students develop their artistic skills, Christian mentors guide them in a thoughtful examination of the artistic impulse as a primary aspect of the Creator God. During the last week of the institute, students participate in the Firebone Theater Summer Theater Festival. Courses include acting, playwriting, directing, production/theater management and documentary film making.

Semester in Spain

The Semester in Spain program enables students to study in Spain while earning credits toward a Spanish minor. The program combines challenging Spanish language study (beginning, intermediate and advanced levels) and a rich cultural experience in Seville, Spain, a modern city with a rich history. Students have constant opportunities to practice the language skills they are learning. Faculty members use a global approach, concentrating on developing and enhancing listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. Students develop confidence and fluency in Spanish by improving their command of Spanish grammar and vocabulary. Courses are available during fall, January, spring and summer terms.

Students in the Spanish minor may choose to participate in the Semester in Spain program or other affiliated Spanish program. Prior to the Semester in Spain, students must receive credit for SN 221 Intermediate Spanish II (or equivalent credit through CLEP or AP examinations). Students will normally complete 16 hours in the Semester in Spain program. These hours will be counted as 16 hours in the minor. Students are placed in courses on the basis of testing at the beginning of the experience.

Tokyo Christian University - East Asia Institute

Tokyo Christian University - East Asia Institute allows students to learn about Japan and the Far East while experiencing it. Learn and speak Japanese every day both on and off campus. Experience dorm life with students from other cultures and backgrounds from around the world. Worship and serve in local Japanese, Korean-speaking, Chinese-speaking and/or English-speaking churches. Join in field trips that make classroom studies come alive. Core courses focus on the religion/philosophy, culture, art and language of Japan. There is no language requirement for the EAI programs. A total of 12-15 credits may be earned during the semester.

Veritas Christian Study Abroad

The Veritas Christian Study Abroad programs are designed for students to receive both a great academic and diverse cultural education. The curriculum provides rigorous academic offerings, in a variety of disciplines nurtured by a community where faith and learning are integrated. The mission component of Veritas allows students to partner with other Christians to serve the people in their host city. Excursions are also included in the Veritas program. Students may study in Argentina, Brazil, Chili, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, England, France, Italy, Peru, South Korea and Spain. There are no language requirements for the Veritas programs; however, students are tested and then placed in a specific language course based on the results. A total of 12-17 credit hours may be earned during the semester.

Veritas Romanian Studies Program

The Romanian Studies Program (RSP) is a semester abroad program located in Sighisoara. Students will live with a Romanian family, take classes in the language and culture and spend between 15-35 hours per week in service activities. Students may go for a semester, for a ten-week summer term or for a three-week January-term experience.

CCCU GlobalEd Off-Campus Programs

American Studies Program

The American Studies Program of the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities provides internship and study opportunities in Washington, DC. Students serve as interns in a variety of governmental and non-governmental agencies and participate in an interdisciplinary academic seminar program for a semester or summer. This Washington campus of the Council brings together capable students from several colleges and universities to live together in a small Christian community; to be challenged to integrate faith, learning and living; and to consider career choices, public policy issues and personal relationships in response to one’s Christian commitment. Students may earn 16 semester hours of credit during a semester of study.

Australia Studies Centre

The Australia Studies Centre is located in the diverse city of Brisbane at Christian Heritage College. The ASC is designed to integrate the firsthand observation and study of Australian culture, history, religion, politics and Indigenous cultures together with experiential service learning and formal instruction in Christian Studies, Business, Ministries, Social Sciences and Education and Humanities. Each student is required to take The View from Australia, which cultivates at thorough appreciation of the Australian setting. A total of 15-18 credit hours may be earned during the semester.

Contemporary Music Center

The Contemporary Music Center in Nashville, Tennessee, provides students the opportunity to live and work in the refining context of community, while seeking to understand how God will have them integrate music, faith and business. The CMC program offers three tracks: the Artist, Business and Technical Tracks. The Artist Track is tailored to students considering careers as vocalists, musicians, songwriters, recording artists, performers and producers. The Business Track is designed for business, arts management, marketing, communications and related majors interested in possible careers as artist managers, agents, record company executives, music publishers, concert promoters and entertainment industry entrepreneurs. The Technical Track prepares students for careers in live sound, concert lighting and studio recording. Students within each of the tracks receive instruction, experience and a uniquely Christ-centered perspective on creativity and the marketplace, while working together to create and market a recording of original music. Each track includes coursework, labs, directed study and a practicum. Students earn 16 semester hours of credit. Further information may be obtained from the Department of Music.

Latin American Studies Program

Students have the opportunity to live and learn through the Latin American Studies Program based in San Jose, Costa Rica. The program introduces students to a wide range of experiences through the study of language, literature, culture, politics, history, economics, ecology and religion of the region. Living with a Costa Rican family, students experience and become a part of the day-to-day lives of Latin Americans. Students also take part in an internship/practicum and travel to nearby Central American nations. Students participate in one of four concentrations: Latin American Studies (offered both fall and spring terms); Advanced Language and Literature (designed for Spanish majors and offered both fall and spring terms); International Business (offered only in fall terms); and Environmental Science (offered only during spring terms). Students in all concentrations earn 16-18 semester credits.

Los Angeles Film Studies Center

The Los Angeles Film Studies Center is designed to train students to serve in various aspects of the film industry with both professional skill and Christian integrity. Each semester students live, learn and work in Los Angeles. The curriculum consists of two required seminars, Hollywood Production Workshop and Theology in Hollywood, focusing on the role of film in culture and the relationship of faith to work in this very influential industry. In addition, students choose one elective course from a variety of offerings in film studies. Internships in various segments of the film industry provide students with hands-on experience. The combination of the internship and seminars allows students to explore the film industry within a Christian context and from a liberal arts perspective. Students earn 16 semester hours of credit, six from the internship and ten from seminar study. Applications and further information may be obtained from the Department of Digital Media Arts.

Middle East Studies Program

The Middle East Studies Program, based in Amman, Jordan, allows CCCU students to explore and interact with the complex and strategic world of the modern Middle East. The interdisciplinary seminars give students the opportunity to explore the diverse religious, social, cultural and political traditions of Middle Eastern people. Students also study the Arabic language and work as volunteers with various organizations in Amman. Through travel to Morocco, Turkey and Israel/Palestine, students are exposed to the diversity and dynamism of the region. At a time of tension and change in the Middle East, MESP encourages and equips students to relate to the Muslim world in an informed, constructive and Christ-centered manner. Students earn 16 semester hours of credit.

Oxford Summer Programme

The Oxford Summer Programme (OSP) is a program designed for students wishing to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the relationship between Christianity and the development of the British Isles and give more focused attention to topics of particular interest through the seminars which emphasize student learning and research under expert guidance. Seminars (and their attached tutorials) are given on specialized topics under the direction of expert Oxford academics in the areas of history, religious studies, philosophy, English literature, the history of art and the history of science. The programme is structured for rising college sophomores, juniors and seniors; graduate and seminary students; non-traditional students; teachers; and those enrolled in continuing education programs.

Scholars’ Semester in Oxford

Honor students have the opportunity to study in England through an interdisciplinary semester at Oxford University. As members of Wycliffe Hall, students participate in a rigorous academic program aimed at increasing critical thinking skills and scholarship from a Christian perspective. The Scholars’ Semester in Oxford program allows students to choose from a wide variety of tutorial study programs in several concentrations, including the classics, English and literature, theology and religious studies, philosophy and history. In addition to two Oxford tutorials, students participate in an integrative seminar and the course Christianity and Cultures. Field trips provide opportunities for experiential learning in England’s rich historical setting. Students earn 17 semester hours of credit.

Uganda Studies Program

The Uganda Studies Program provides students with the opportunity to study East Africa through an effective cross-cultural experience. The students in the Uganda Studies Emphasis (USE) live on the UCU (Uganda Christian University) campus, sharing their lives with university students from Uganda and other parts of Africa. UCU is located in Mukono, Uganda - 15 miles from the capital city of Kampala. Students in the Intercultural Ministry & Missions Emphasis (IMME) live with host families within walking distance of the university. Core courses focus on the religion, culture, literature and history of Africa, while elective courses permit the students to explore relevant areas of interest. Group travel, service projects and participation in faith and worship of Global South Christianity immerse the students in African life as they study. A total of 16 credits may be earned during the semester.