Financial Details

2023-2024 Huntington University Tuition and Fees 

Huntington Traditional Undergraduate Tuition and Fees

Full Time Semester Tuition$14,515
Overload Tuition per Credit Hour (above 17 hrs)$874
Part-time Semester Tuition per Credit Hour (6 - 11.5 hrs)$874
Special Part-Time Semester Tuition per Credit Hour (up to 5.5 hrs)$496
Summer (2023) Tuition per Credit Hour$424
Summer (2023) Internship/Practicum per Credit Hour$199
Summer (2024) Tuition per Credit Hour$440
Summer (2024) Internship/Practicum per Credit Hour$207
Summer (2024) Veterinary Nursing Tuition per Credit Hour$297
Audit Charge per Hour$387
Tutorial Charge per Credit Hour (plus tuition)$387
Visitor Charge per Course (no record, lecture courses only)$220
Early Entry HS Tuition per Credit Hour (Maximum 6 Credit Hours per Term - 24 Credit Hours Total)$100
Semester Technology Fee (12 hrs or more)$197


Peoria Traditional Undergraduate Tuition and Fees

Tuition per Credit Hour$440
Semester Technology Fee$250
Course Fee for Laboratory, Technology Support, and/or Materials$60 - 120
Early Entry HS Tuition per Credit Hour (Maximum 8 Credit Hours per Term - 24 Credit Hours Total)$100
Early Entry HS and Non-Degree Seeking Semester Technology Fee (4 Credit Hours or less)$125


Special Traditional Undergraduate Tuition Categories

Huntington LIFE Alumnus Tuition per Credit Hour (3 Years out with Lifetime Maximum of 30 Credit Hours Total; Online Courses Excluded)$440
Senior Adult (over 60) Tuition per Credit Hour (Maximum 6 Credit Hours per Term; Fall & Spring Only; Lifetime Maximum of 18 credit Hours Total; Online Courses Excluded)$125


Graduate and Online Programs Tuition and Fees

Doctorate in Occupational Therapy Tuition per Credit Hour$946
OTD Bridge Program Tuition per Credit Hour$946
MA Clinical Mental Health Counseling Tuition per Credit Hour $551
MA Clinical Counseling Studies Tuition per Credit Hour$551
MA Pastoral Leadership Tuition per Credit Hour$422
MA Ministry/TESOL Tuition per Credit Hour$422
MBA Business Administration Tuition per Credit Hour$550
MEd TESOL Education Tuition per Credit Hour$443
Graduate Executive Coaching and Leadership Certificate Tuition per Credit Hour$600
Graduate TESOL Certificate Tuition per Credit Hour$443
ABSN Tuition per Credit Hour$759
ABSN Program Fee per Semester$250
ABSN Laboratory Fee per Clinical Course$395
Online Programs Tuition per Credit Hour$402
Online Programs DMA Certificate (Animation and Film) Tuition per Class (No Technology Fee)$1,250
Online Programs TESOL Certificate Tuition per Credit Hour$402
Semester Technology Fee (All Programs Except for ABSN, OTD, and OTD Bridge)$110
Tutorial Charge per Credit Hour (plus tuition)$387
Audit Charge per Hour$387


Housing and Food 

Semester Housing and Food Fees$4,940
Summer Term Housing and Food Fee per Week$250

Food (Meal Plan) fee provides 20 meals per week according to the residence hall schedule, but vacation meals are not included. An alternate meal plan is available. For details, please contact the Student Life office.

Residence hall rooms are furnished with beds, mattresses, desks, dressers, chairs, mirrors, wastebaskets and blinds.



Student Activities Fee

Full-time Activities Fee per Semester

General student activities fee for Student Senate and class dues, Huntingtonian, Student Activities Board, other student organizations, fine arts events, and recreation complex.


Special Student Fees

General Student Deposit (Traditional Undergraduate)

Receipt of the advance deposit in U.S. funds represents the students’ acceptance of admission and is not refundable to new students after May 1. All full-time undergraduate students are required to have a comprehensive deposit on account for the duration of the students’ enrollment. The deposit is refundable when students leave the University following initial matriculation. Unpaid charges at the time of a refund may be deducted from this deposit.
Freshman Orientation Fee$130
Graduation Fee (All Programs Except for OTD and OTD Bridge)$120
Laundry Fee (all students with room charge, per semester)$50
Parking Fee per Academic Year (Traditional Undergraduate - Huntington students only)$50
Laboratory Fees per Course$20 - 425
Nursing Laboratory Fee per Clinical Course 300 Level (Includes Tote)$330
Nursing Laboratory Fee per Clinical Course 400 Level$260
Private Music Lesson Fee (per 30 minute lesson)

Twelve half-hour lessons per semester. Fee includes availability of practice room as needed. Lesson fee is in addition to regular tuition.
Student Teaching Fee (14 weeks)$385
PRIME Experience Fee$385
Social Work Senior Practicum and Seminar Fee$200
Sport Management Application Capstone Fee$50


** The University reserves the right to change or correct rates if and when necessary. **

See Huntington University website for a current list of fees: