Friesen Center for Service and Experiential Learning

Huntington University's Friesen Center for Service and Experiential Learning provides various learning opportunities to students through service and professional development experiences. Involvement in service builds self-efficacy as students address a community need or social issue. Service also contributes to developing soft skills such as collaboration and leadership through practical, hands-on projects with diverse populations.

Campus and community service events are planned and implemented by the Friesen Student Leadership team to enable students to explore the joy of service and creating community with their peers. Individual opportunities as well as group mission trips are also offered through the Friesen Center and the student lead team. Career related opportunities in service are also promoted and explored through the Friesen Center.

Professional development, like practica and internships, offers students work experience that helps students develop vital skills and enhances career choices. Activities such as internships, practica, job shadows, and class-related observation extend classroom learning through professional experiences. Students can create professional documents, undergo interviews and assessment, and work alongside professionals associated with a wide range of majors and interests.

Internships make students more marketable, needing less training, and managing more responsibilities than their peers. For more information regarding internships, practica, and job shadows, see Individualized Studies under Academic Policies.