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The Curious Case of Mrs. Lamont

I wouldn’t be able to describe Mrs. Lamont’s face to a sketch artist, yet her attitude toward learning made a lasting impression on me. When I think of “remaining curious,” I think of Mrs. Lamont. She is the first adult I can remember who liked learning things just for the sake of learning them — and she would tell you so.
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Grit in the Boringness of Life

When I think about the word grit, I think about sand. Not the sparkling tropical beach variety. I picture the lake in the middle of Indiana kind of sand — mostly small rocks that aren’t quite smooth mixed with dirt and clay. Commonplace, and probably not pristine. If you walk through gritty sand like this, you’ll feel it dig into your flip-flops and come away with dusty traces on your feet.
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Root-Level Community

When we first talked with alumni about the Spirit of a Forester concept and what the traits of a Forester could be, we knew one word would come up often: community. We knew this because alumni have been talking about HU’s strong sense of community since the very beginning.
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Are you sharing your legacy plans with those you love?

The end of a calendar year typically brings a time of reflection on how one we have best impacted those around us. According to Network for Good, 31% of annual giving occurs in December, with 12% of those contributions happening in the last three days of the year. You may fall into that category. As you consider your year-end giving, I hope you find great joy in the process. I hope it helps you create a legacy at a nonprofit organization that has significant meaning for you. And I also hope you are sharing this information with those you love.
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Maximize the Tax Benefits of Your IRA Before Year-End

The end of the calendar year will soon be upon us. Many individuals are currently reviewing their potential income tax liability for 2022 and considering strategies to minimize their tax burden.