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What’s Important: Community & Interconnectedness

When community and interconnectedness are your top priorities, you want to find a university that has the right feel. People who value community and interconnectedness often come away from a campus visit saying something like, “When I stepped on campus, I just knew this was the place for me.”
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College Search Tips for Families

We asked parents who have already been through the college selection process with their high school seniors for tips about the college search process. Here is what they told us.
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Three Traits of a Journalist, Per Nathan the Prophet

If you have the traits of a good journalist, I invite you to come and major in journalism at Huntington University. We’ll give you the same training and education we gave Shelly Bradbury, one of our journalism graduates. When in our department, she wrote and edited stories for our campus newspaper — just as students are doing even now online (take a look). After a year of Bradbury’s first stint as a newspaper reporter, she emailed us to say that her “editors seem to agree that writing is one of my strengths, and I've got to guess that's in part because of the classes…where we scrutinized each and every word.” (We make our students true wordsmiths!)
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Do I really need to go to college?

The college decision is a big deal, and one that impacts your future significantly. The pressure to answer questions about a major and your future career could make you hesitant about college, but the truth is that college will bring more value to your life than simply preparing for a specific career, even if you remain undecided. What you learn goes far beyond the classroom.
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Student Spiritual Growth

The college years are so formative in a person’s life. Where you choose to invest your college years matters! During a time of rapid maturation, Huntington University provides an atmosphere that fosters growth. Not only spiritual growth, but also academic, emotional, and social growth.
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Why I Chose Huntington University

Figuring out where to go after high school was a stressful time for me. There were just so many options out there, all with their pros and cons to weigh as graduation drew near. I found myself staring at college search websites, scrolling through endless lists of choices, dreading the time I would have to spend looking into each school just to come back to being unsure of which direction is right.
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Are campus visits important?

Are campus visits important? The short answer — YES! The long answer – ABSOLUTELY YES! A campus visit is an opportunity to “kick the tires,” if you will. To get familiar with the quality of the campus and the education offered there. To get a feel for what college life would be like for you. No matter if this is your junior year in high school or if you are considering transferring from one college to another, exploring college campuses is well worth your while.
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The Five Best Spots on Campus, and Five “Hidden Gems”

Fall colors are in full display this time of year, which means Huntington University’s home campus is looking particularly beautiful. (Of course, campus has something special to offer at any time in the year!) Whether you prefer the indoors, the outdoors, or a mix of both, there are plenty of special spots on campus that have that little extra feeling of home. Here are my top five:
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Admissions Tips for Homeschooled Students

Straight from the Office of Admissions at Huntington University, here are some useful tips for homeschooled students who are currently going thorugh or preparing to start the admissions process at the school of their choice. While these tips include specific details about the admissions process at HU, the process will look similar at the other schools on your list as well.
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Questions to Ask Your Potential OTA Program

As you narrow down your list of potential occupational therapy assistant (OTA) programs, be sure to take advantage of opportunities to talk to program faculty, students, and alumni. While a webpage or brochure can give you lots of great program details, there’s nothing quite like getting the an inside perspective directly from the source.