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How to Prepare for Your Online Program

Beginning an online degree program is a significant investment of time and energy. It is critical that you begin planning now for the journey to ensure you complete your degree on time and on budget. Here are some tips to consider before you begin classes.
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6 Reasons to Pursue Your MBA

Many people put off earning a graduate business degree because they are unsure of the tangible benefits it will have for their career. There are many great certifications and non-academic resources in the market today. However, an old-fashioned Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree still meets a critical need in your career development. Here are just a few ways earning an MBA can advance your career.
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4 Tips to Prepare for Your Counseling Internship

One thing at the forefront of any counseling student's mind is the need for internship hours. Though you won't need to worry about those until later in the program, it's good practice to seek out placement immediately. Here are some tips to make your internship and practicum experiences successful.
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4 Benefits of an International Coaching Federation Credential

Consulting services are a major industry in the United States and around the world. According to the Statista Research Department, the global consulting industry was worth approximately 132 billion dollars in 2020. If those seeking consulting services are willing to invest that much in hiring consultants, they want (and need) to know they are hiring a consultant or consulting firm that is worthwhile. Similarly, in the competitive consulting services market, it is critical that consultants define and verify set standards that will guide their work.
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Tips for Your Occupational Therapy Application Journey

Beginning the application process can be daunting. The best overall strategy is to navigate the process one step at a time.
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Hacking Your OTD

Time management is a constant discussion across occupational therapy education. Occupational therapy doctoral programs require graduate students to juggle intensive courses, research initiatives, doctoral capstone projects and experiences, and extracurricular activities at the university, state, and national organization levels. The generic responses addressing time management are overused. How can we actively change our habits, roles, and routines to improve this critical skill?
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HU OTD Grad Reflects on Path to Mayo Clinic

Huntington University Doctorate in Occupational Therapy Class of 2021 graduate Emily Rinaldi reflects on her time at HU and how it helped prepare her for fieldwork after graduation. For more information about Huntington University’s OTD program, visit
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OTD Pathway Club

Join Dr. Nate Short to learn more about the Pathway Clubs offered at Huntington University. These clubs are overseen by staff, but led by students. It is hands on work and clinically relevant. You will get to hear form other's about their benefits from these clubs in OTD. You can find your passion in OT through these clubs.
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HyFlex Advantages

The HyFlex course model is not new, but as more universities and students become comfortable with multiple learning modalities, it is becoming increasingly popular. This ultra-flexible format allows you to attend class face-to-face, join class live via video from anywhere, or complete work asynchronously on a weekly schedule. That choice is then extended to how you attend class on a week-to-week or course-to-course basis.
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4 Tips for Your OTCAS Application

Beginning the process of applying for occupational therapy school can be daunting. You may be thinking through how many schools to target and where to submit an application. The good news is that the vast majority of OT programs use a centralized application service called OTCAS. The best advantage of OTCAS is that you can complete one application and submit the details to multiple schools. This will save you a significant amount of time and transcript fees.