Classification of Students

Full-time undergraduate students who are pursuing a degree are designated as regular students and classified as freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors according to the following:

FreshmanFewer than 26 semester hours earned
Sophomore26 but fewer than 56 hours earned
Junior56 but fewer than 86 hours earned
Senior86 or more hours earned


Full-time students in the undergraduate program are those enrolled for at least 12 hours in a given semester, and part-time students are those enrolled for fewer than 12 hours.

First-time freshmen are students who have not previously been regularly admitted students in a recognized institution of higher learning during a regular term.

Special students are those who have not met regular admission requirements, are enrolled as auditors or visitors, or are enrolled but not planning to complete a recognized program of study. A special student application does not require full admission.

Post-graduate students are those who have already completed a recognized baccalaureate degree and are enrolled in undergraduate courses.

Graduate students are those enrolled in the Graduate School who have completed a recognized baccalaureate degree. Full-time graduate students are those enrolled for at least six hours in a given semester, and half-time graduate students are those enrolled for at least three hours. Special graduate students are those who do not meet regular admission requirements or who do not wish to take graduate courses for credit.