Registration and Advising

New students' schedules are built by the Office of the Registrar, taking into account any prior coursework and the courses suggested in the Guide to Typical Programs by advisors in their desired area of study. Schedules are emailed to the new students. A new student advising event is held in the spring to allow new students and their parents to become more familiar with university life by visiting campus and meeting faculty and administrators. During the weekend, students meet with faculty in their chosen majors.

Current students advise and register for summer and fall classes in early spring and for spring classes in late fall.

Readmitted and transfer students and those returning students who have not completed registration earlier should register prior to the first day of classes.

Although faculty and staff advisors attempt to provide the best available information, students are ultimately responsible for course selection and construction of their program. It is the students’ responsibility to see that program requirements are met and that the proper courses for their intended major programs are taken in proper sequence.

Students may not enroll later than the fifth day of a semester or second day of summer session except by special permission.