Grade Reports and Transcripts

Final semester grades are submitted by the instructor to the Office of the Registrar. Students may access their grades via the HU Portal at Final grades are released to the student only by the registrar.

At midterm, unofficial grades of D and F only are submitted by instructors and provided to students as indicators of unsatisfactory progress in those courses. Midterm grades are not printed on the transcript and are not included in GPA calculations. Students may access their midterm grades via the HU Portal at Students are encouraged to meet with professors to discuss their work and to learn what may be required to perform satisfactorily.

Students in good standing who have met all financial obligations may obtain official copies of their complete transcripts bearing the seal and validation of the registrar from Parchment. Federal law requires students submit official requests for each transcript. Students may also print their own unofficial academic records for personal use from the HU Portal at The Office of the Registrar cannot issue partial transcripts.