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Student Hour Load and Overloads

Students should ordinarily carry a full load of 15 to 16 hours each semester in addition to two hours each January Term. Students in some programs (such as music) or students combining minors, a second major program or teacher licensing with a University major may need to incorporate additional hours into their programs of study by taking summer sessions, heavier loads or an additional semester. Students who are employed are advised to carry a lighter load and to include summer courses in order to complete their programs in the normal time.

Students wanting to carry 18 hours or more will petition the Academic Concerns Committee. Ordinarily, to be considered for overload, students will have earned a B average in the preceding semester. Students may not carry more than 20 hours except under very unusual circumstances. Any full-time students may audit one course each semester without credit or tuition charge.

In summer session, students may carry up to six hours concurrently or a total of 12 hours for the full session. In January Term, students may carry a maximum of one January Term course or three semester hours of credit.