Dropping, Adding and Withdrawing from a Course

Traditional Courses

Students may drop a course or add a course through the fifth day of the fall or spring semester (prorated for courses that do not follow the regular semester schedule and for special terms). Through the tenth day of the semester (prorated for courses that do not follow the regular semester schedule and for special terms), students may petition to take selected courses with a grade of S/U. The official census date is the end of the twelfth class day of the semester or the third class day of summer sessions. Enrollment status (full-time or part-time) is locked for reporting purposes and financial aid purposes as of the official census date for a term. Students may, with permission, drop or add classes after that census date, but any changes made will not affect their enrollment status.             

Students may petition for a grade of W and withdraw from a course through the tenth week of the semester or prorated for summer classes. Student athletes must be alert to implications for NAIA eligibility based on their need for successful completion of minimum credits per term.

Online Courses

Students may not add an online course once the course has started.

Students may only drop a course if they have not participated in any manner on the course web site. Students who drop will receive no record of the course on their transcripts and it will not impact the GPA.

Students who have participated in a seven-week online course but wish to withdraw may do so up until the end of the fifth week of class. Students who withdraw receive a grade of W, but there is no impact on the GPA.

Students who withdraw after the fifth week of class will receive the grade of WF, which will affect the students' GPA. Students who do not officially withdraw from an online course will receive the grade of F for the course.

Dates are prorated for classes of different lengths.

*International students must contact the designated school official (DSO) before dropping a class. Students should verify that the change will not affect their visa holder status. Students must maintain at least 12 credit hours to avoid losing their F1 visa status.