Transient Study and Self-Paced Courses

Students who wish to take courses in residence at another institution while maintaining their academic standing at Huntington may register for courses as transient students at the other institution provided they have received prior permission from Huntington’s registrar who will provide written approval of courses eligible for transfer (see section on Transfer Students). This applies to summer courses as well as regular semesters. Only courses with a grade of C or above are transferable, and only those courses which are appropriate to programs offered at Huntington will be transferred. Some majors may require a higher minimum grade for transfer work. 

When a student who has completed coursework at another college transfers to Huntington, only credits are transferred--no transfer grades are recorded nor counted in the cumulative grade point average. 

When a student who is regularly enrolled at Huntington enrolls as a transient student at another institution and takes coursework that has been approved by the Huntington registrar, the grade as well as course credit is listed on the student’s Huntington transcript and calculated in the cumulative grade index. Grades are not transferred for coursework taken before a student enrolls at Huntington or when the student is not a continuing student, as when a student transfers out for a semester and returns to Huntington. Credit awarded by another institution on the basis of an examination or proficiency test is not transferable to Huntington University. Credit for AP, CLEP, International Baccalaureate, and DSST examinations taken prior to enrollment is awarded by Huntington University only after the University has evaluated an official score report.

Students who wish to take asynchronous or self-paced courses from another institution must obtain prior approval from the registrar. No more than eight credits in self-paced courses may be counted toward a degree, and self-paced courses may not be used to complete Core Curriculum or teacher licensing requirements or courses to be counted toward the major, except by demonstrating in a petition to the Academic Concerns Committee that required courses cannot be taken as regular course offerings. Grades earned for self-paced courses are not included in the grade point average.