Disciplinary Probation

The Office of the Vice President for Student Life may place students on disciplinary probation for misconduct and disregard of the established social rules and regulations. Disciplinary probation may go into effect at any point in the term. Procedures and appeal processes are described in the Student Handbook. The vice president for academic affairs may also place students on disciplinary probation for academic integrity violations.

Disciplinary probation precludes students’ participation in co-curricular activities and may include restriction to the campus or suspension from classes. If the misconduct persists or if disciplinary probation occurs during two consecutive semesters, or more than twice during the four years of attendance, dismissal from the University could result. Dismissed students may not be readmitted until sufficient time has elapsed since their dismissal and the vice president for student life has approved a petition for readmission which demonstrates reasonable expectation for conformance to community standards of the University.

Eligibility for Activities on Disciplinary Probation

Students on disciplinary or social probation may not participate in public performances or intercollegiate contests of any kind. Students on disciplinary probation may not be candidates for positions of honor, such as the Homecoming Court, may not hold office or any other responsible position in organizations, be a member of Student Government Association or the Student Activities Board, be a member of a Campus Ministries leadership team, be editors or business managers of student publications, be cheerleaders, be student managers of athletic teams, participate in theatrical productions in either technical or performance roles, participate in University broadcasting or forensic activities or participate in University musical performances unless exceptions are specifically designated by the Office of the Vice President for Student Life. Disciplinary probation may also preclude off-campus involvement in the wider community, e.g. student teaching, PRIME Experience, volunteer service activities through the Friesen Center and any other activities designated by the Office of the Vice President for Student Life.