Withdrawal from the University

If students find it necessary to withdraw from the University, they first report to the executive director of student success, who will assist students in the transition. Each student withdrawing from, or not returning to, Huntington University is required to complete the EXIT process. (Graduating seniors are exempt.)

Until the tenth week of the semester, students who officially withdraw are given grades of W. After the tenth week, or if students do not officially withdraw, students are given grades of F.

Students who officially withdraw are entitled to a partial refund of tuition (but not fees) and room charges through the fifth week of the semester except that no refund is allowed to students who have been dismissed by the University. Partial board refund is prorated to the weeks remaining in the semester. Financial assistance, such as grants and scholarships, are recomputed to reflect appropriate credits and may be cancelled for the semester in which the students withdraw. Students receiving Federal Title IV Student Financial Assistance may be entitled to a refund in accordance with the Federal Refund Policy or the Federal Statutory Pro Rata Refund Policy. All refund distributions will be made according to Federal laws and regulations. Students with questions regarding these policies should contact the Office of Financial Aid. Students who are called to active military duty and withdraw from classes at any point in the term will receive a refund of 100% of tuition and fees.

If students do not complete the arrangements for withdrawal, their record will show Unofficial Withdrawal and students are not entitled to honorable dismissal. In addition, all courses will show an automatic grade of F.

Medical Withdrawal

Students needing to withdraw from Huntington University for a medical reason after the start of the semester must submit a medical withdrawal form to the dean of student services and receive approval from the Office of Student Life. Written medical documentation from a licensed physician, psychiatrist, or other health care professional must be included with the medical withdrawal form, and the documentation must be approved by the director of the academic center for excellence. This information is taken into consideration along with other factors or information in evaluating the requested withdrawal.

Medical withdrawals are recorded as WM on the official academic record. These grades do not impact the GPA.

Students are responsible for tuition and other appropriate charges up to the day of official withdrawal as outlined in the Refund Policies in the academic catalog.

Students granted medical withdrawal must withdraw from all courses and may not resume study in a subsequent term until a licensed physician, psychiatrist, or other health care professional provides written documentation that they are healthy enough to resume university study. Students must reapply in accordance with the University's Readmission Policy as outlined in the academic catalog.

Appeals related to any decision of the Office of Student Life with regard to medial withdrawal requests must be submitted to the vice president for academic affairs and dean of the faculty and the Academic Concerns Committee.