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Mathematics Placement Testing Policy

Most new students, transfer students or readmitted students will take the math placement exam during the summer test administrations prior to registration and prior to enrolling in courses in the fall for which satisfactory math placement scores are prerequisite. If the test has not been taken in the summer, the student must complete it during the first semester, prior to registration for the following semester.

Students are exempt from taking the placement exam if they have an SAT math score of 540 or higher (for tests taken after March 2016) or 510 or higher (for tests taken before March 2016) or an ACT math score of 23 or higher (unless the student intends to enroll in MA 171 Calculus I or PH 211 Principles of Physics I). Students are exempt if they have CLEP or AP credit in calculus or college algebra and trigonometry or the equivalent. Students who take MA 171 or PH 211 (who do not have AP credit or CLEP credit) must take the placement test regardless of their SAT or ACT score.

The test is not required of transfer students who have completed all their non-developmental college or university math courses elsewhere or who have earned transfer credit in MA 141 or higher. The test is not required of readmitted students who had a satisfactory test score when previously enrolled.

Students placed in MA 032 should successfully complete that course no later than the fall of the sophomore year. Students placed below MA 032 should consult with the director of the Academic Center for Excellence (ACE) for advice on preparing to retake the math placement exam.

Students rarely improve their test scores unless they have undertaken serious review between testing sessions or have completed the remediation course MA 032 so retesting is generally discouraged. Students currently enrolled in MA 032 may not retest during that semester.